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What year is this?
Posted on Oct 27, 2002 in Blogging

Wahoo, I’ve got the date in a format that is readable. Not a big feat you think, well it was for me, PHP and MYSQL do not use the same date format, and the both use crappy American format, Urgh. But after hours of trying today, I’ve got it working (!).

I’ve been reading a lot of other Blog/Webcam sites and I found them to all full of cack, mine has less cack.. Most try harder to fill my site with cack. Jamie has no problem writing cack on his, unfortunately I hate 80’s music and have no interest in lamp-posts. But I’ll give it a try..

I’ve been working on a new version of Anthony Putson Music (No link till it’s finished) which is in the (long) process of been convert from a pure HMTL site to HMTL, PHP and MYSQL, This is a taking a while because of the large amount to content on the site. When that is complete I’ll be changing the design, for this purpose I’m trying to learn Flash MX, which is slow going for me (someone with little artistic skills). I much prefer programming I must say.

Hmm, That wasn’t a bad start, more cack soon.

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