Glen McNamee
Design Notes
Posted on Feb 2, 2003 in Websites

I’ve installed Opera and Mozilla to check out how my new XHTML design of homepage design display on alternative browsers, and I wish I had not, Bloody crappy CCS support, Three different browser the different looking websites. Personally I think the most impressive result was one a text-based browser.

I have loads of Ideas for design and features to add to the sites but unfortunately No time too add them, The greatest thing about Startek is when it was quiet (on late and weekend shifts) while everyone else was playing games I could do a bit of web design on one the test boxes with an evaluation version of Dreamweaver (taken from one of the cover disk) If I had a laptop now, I’d be able to keep up my work while at my other work (the one that pays money) now there is an idea.

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