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Traffic (and snow)
Posted on Feb 2, 2003 in Life

Thursday prove to be an interesting day, as your probably aware it snowed for a while on Wednesday therefore the entire country stopped as it usually does. Most importantly the roads stopped, Travelling the distance I do to work (Middlesbrough to Peterlee) requires travelling down the death trap that is the A19, add a blizzard to this hapless road and you get great fun.

I arrived at work at 9:45 which was bad considering I was supposed to start at 8:30.. I’m quite keen on Money (big surprise) so when I heard the people who left work at Before 16:00 were still queue in the car park trying to get out I volunteer for a bit of overtime, I figure everything will be clear by 18:30 so I tell Suzanne to pick me up then, However at 17:00 when I hear there has been a crash on the A689, and three crashes on the A19 (one north bound and two south) I deceived Perhaps I better hang on a little longer, (those people who left at before 1600 are still in the car park) I might as well hang on until close of business 21:00, A good idea since all the other teams have skived off early so to get home early as possible.

At 20:00 Suzanne set off from Middlesbrough to pick me, a hour later she arrives in the town (a 15 minute drive normally), at ten o’clock I’m wondering what time I’ll get home so I give her a call, She tells me she is about half way down the A19, but the problem is she hasn’t moved for about an twenty minutes. One of those crashes that happened earlier happened to be a twenty-car pile up. She gives me an ETA of picking me up at 24:00. So after a couple of hours waiting in reception watching the television (Dolph Lungrun film and Question Time) and lazing on the Comfy chairs Suzanne, turns up at 24:00. Just to rub salt in the road the A19 north bound is now complete clear and we get home for 01:00 the next day, Just in time so I can go to bed to get to work at 08:30 the same day!

I got to work just after 12:00 the next day, I worked until the 21:00 and got home at the normal time (before 21:00)

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