Glen McNamee
This week and being married.
Posted on Jun 14, 2003 in Life

Been married two weeks now, still can’t find a difference (despite everyone asking
me), the wife can mind you she has no change all her details to her new second
name. Unlucky!!!

I’m trying to think did anything happen this week? It’s like I have loads of things
to put on here during the week, and when I come to type them up they all go from
my mind, this probably is due to the fact that I only type this up when I’m at
work on overtime at the weekend, and my brain is well and truly knackered.

I get bored very easily at work, would anyone like to exchange dodgy email during
the day. Send me an email.

Hurrah, working over time a lot again to pay for my overly expensive life. Now
that the wedding is over its time to get a mortgage, Woo!!! Of course I’all have
to raise the deposit, which is fantastic considering the large amount of credit
card debt I have and can’t afford to pay off now!

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