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The Wedding
Posted on Jul 6, 2003 in Life

The Night before
The wedding last Saturday questions enquiring about this), in fact I was relaxed
enough to go out on Friday Night for "a couple" since the family where
over from Ireland for a few days taking them to the pub for a drunk seem to the
only polite thing to do. A few drinks (more than two) were drunk in The Rudd’s
Arms, but of course that was not enough so a few of us head into town, (Chovi,
Scott, Grant Dave and Me to be exact) to the Crown (Former Bingo hall come student
public house) for a few more. The day went very well, better than I thought. I
wasn’t nervous at all (despite the numerous best man (Dave Phelps, the best man
was staying with me that night to make sure I didn’t get lost) and I arrived back
at my house at about 0200 Saturday morning slightly the worse for wear.

The wedding day
I awoke at 0730 my brain obviously thinking that I needed to get up for work.
I got ready, and we set off in time, all was going well. Dave was having a problem
though he brought his speech round on a floppy disk because his printer was
out of ink, however I forgot to tell him my floppy drivers don’t work (Oops)
so he would have to use his memory. Dave made himself useful making a cup of
tea and some toast (in the grill for some reason not in the toaster) and he
also gave my hair a trim.

I was still not nervous at all, we were on the way to pick up Dave finance
before going to the Registry office, when Dave said "You have got the rings…"
of course I had not. Now I got nervous, it was after 1010, Suzanne would be
arriving at Middlesbrough’s Registry office at 1015, the wedding starts at 1030
and the Groom isn’t supposed to arrive after the bride.

We picked up Deborah and headed back to house to pick up the rings, however
the groom did arrive after the bride, I was surprised to see the bride wearing
a low cut green dress and not cream as she described to me.

Wedding started, Suzanne had her father give her away, We said out vows twice
(once to the registrar and once to each other), however I have no Idea what
I said, Suzanne got a little emotional and found her vow a little difficult
to get out but she did, when she was finished the end a concerned little Conor
asked "what’s wrong mammy?" much to amusement of everyone assembled,
we exchange rings despite my sudden difficultly in telling left from right (at
this point I was very nervous) and it was done, much to my relief.

Pictures of us signing the wedding certificate leave pictures when going down
the stairs, pictures at the bottom of the stairs (with party poppers shot all
over us) and then loads of pictures of us and various members of our families.

After the pictures everyone left for the reception, the bride’s maid and the
in-laws got a lift in the hire car, meaning Suzanne and me were the last ones
to leave, and we were waiting outside the registry office by ourselves awaiting
our hire car to return for ourselves.

The car didn’t take too long at once we got in we had a nice tour around the
town and then arrived at the reception

The Reception
The Reception was being held at Middlesbrough Cycling Club, there was a good
turnout from both sets of family and friends their. The first thing we did was
pretend to cut the cake for the wedding photos so the photographer could get
the pictures and then return home to print them off. I then had a word with
the DJ on how everything would be organised, circulated around the quests and
then sat down with Suzanne to open all the cards we had been given. We both
had been lots of offers to buy us drinks however the only drink we wanted was
a cup of Tea, which Eric the new father-in-law supplied us with. While we read
through all the cars we open the buffet and everyone had a bit to eat. While
we were opening the cards I was selecting some for the best man and Maid of
Honour to read later.

Suzanne and I had the first dance to Daniel Bedingfield’s "If your not
the one." And when the DJ put on the Bubble Machine lots of the kids joined
us on the dance floor as well.

The reading the cards of the card was done by the Best man with the Maid of
Honour, Andi quickly reading the cards and passing them on to Dave. I had select
the cards on mostly who could not be there but had sent good wishes, and not
on readability of the cards which lead to Dave struggling to read some of the
handwriting which was quite humours especially one which on the advice of Andi
he simple didn’t attempt to read. After this it was time for the speeches.

Dave speech was quite good (if a little long and embarrassing for me) considering
he was unable to print out his notes, He went over the what I was like when
I lived in the flat and what I was after I meet Suzanne, make humours remarks
about life in the flat. After that it was my turn so I though after Dave’s speech
it was best if I kept mine short, so I just thanked everyone for coming especially
those who had travelled a long distance and told every how happy I was. Eric
speech was after mine and he went on to say how their house was like a telephone
exchange before Suzanne met me. After we all spoke I thought Conor might feel
left out so I handed him the Microphone, and he shouted down it "Thank
you" it was rather loud but it got a laugh all the same.

The rest of the reception was a mixture of drink and dancing as it should be,
Highlights included the Conga, Miriam grabbing me and grabbing me on the dance
floor, the DJ placing Irish music and the EDS lot dancing. The photographer
arrived with the wedding pictures, so we had a look at them, all of them were
great and we were really happy with how they had turned out, so we decided to
purchase all of them. Later I gave another quick speech as we gave presents
to Brides Maids and Best Man just to say how we appreciated all the effort and
help they and other people had given to make our day special.

At five O’clock it was time for reception to end, so while everyone headed home,
or into town we help tidy up and then headed home ourselves to get changed from
out of our wedding clothes for the night ahead.

The Night Out
The best man and his fiancé had kindly paid for a overnight stay at a
hotel as out wedding present. So we went to the hotel to check in, We had a
shower and got changed and headed out for something to eat, we had planned on
having something to eat at restaurant however we hadn’t book and we were eager
for something to eat as we had not eaten all day so we left the hotel and headed
to nearest place which was Pizza Hut. So we had a meal in there and headed of
to meet the best man a few people from the reception who had gone straight into
town after the reception. While we were walking down to the pub I phone my mother
house to see if the family from Ireland would meet us in the town also, however
they had already gone to the Park End for a drink, when we got the Lloyd’s Bar
(The Resolution) in the town to meet everyone we were too tired to stay out
for long so we had one drink and headed back to Hotel.

We arrived back at the hotel, to find our Champagne that Dave had order for
us was not waiting in our rooms for us as it was supposed to be, but this was
resolved via a quick call to reception.

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