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Updates, Lack of
Posted on Jul 6, 2003 in Gaming, Life

Sorry for the lack of updates again, I know this is recurring them, but I have
been very busy in the past few of weeks. There was the big night out in Newcastle,
the new games I’ve got "Rise Of Nations" and "Star Trek Elite Force
2" didn’t help, and as usual work.

You remember my posting in the Forum about former Starteker Peter Stafford
Leaving EDS and going off to pastures new (NTL business support). Well his Deputy
team leader job and a few Senior Agent position became available at work, So
I applied, was Interviewed and was given the Deputy roles, which considering
I wasn’t a senior agent is quite an achievement. However it doesn’t mean an
immediate big pay rise or anything like that, but it does mean I will get an
E DS centract and an Internet enabled workstation (woo!), anyway enough about
that me, the same day as I was told the decision was Peter’s going away do,
and Miriam’s "Hen" night in Newcastle, So despite not felling well
(I probably won’t of went to work if it wasn’t for the Night out and the decision
on the job) I head off straight from work (with Peter Stafford and Simon Thomas)
into Peterlee to a Pub called the Half Moon, where we met with a number other
people from work and the Headed into Newcastle on a Minibus to met up with more
people and have a great time. I got back home at four on Saturday morning, and
as far as I can remember I had a great time.

I’ve update the features add the story of the wedding and I’ve add the Wedding,
Blackpool and Newcastle Night out pictures to the Gallery to make up for the
lack of updates…

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