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Conor’s birthday and Miriam’s wedding.
Posted on Aug 14, 2003 in Life

The weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of August was quite Interesting as Sunday was
both Conor’s birthday and Miriam’s wedding. Since these two dates
collided we decided to celebrate Conor’s birthday on Saturday. Conor got
a number of presents since he is a spoilt child, He got Hulk Shape shifter (A
Hulk that turns into some sort of Dinosaur) of his Nana and Granddad, a transformer
(Optimus Prime) from his Aunt Paula, Uncle Mark and Family, a Spiderman play
set (he’s really into Spiderman) and he got a few bits and bobs from us
including a new Thomas the Tank engine train track.

Obviously his best present was Optimus Prime, and thus I’ve got him into
watching Transformers Armada

Sunday was Miriam Wedding day, which was an interesting experience as it was
my first Muslim wedding, First bit of fun was finding Gateshead civic center
and then trying to find the Pub with directions from Mr. Roper (apparently the
main entrance in not at the front with the sign main entrance pointing to it,
it’s the one around the back)

The highlights of the ceremony itself was the fact that the bride and groom
aren’t in the same room when they get married, no alcohol or course, groom
looking extremely nervous, Miriam arriving with a huge ring in nose, and the
lovely food.

I did take a small number of photos but due to the huge amount of lighting these
did not turn out. There was a huge amount of lighting because the wedding was
being film by judging by the amount of cameras the BBC.

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