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I promised you an update, So here is one.
Posted on Aug 6, 2003 in Life

Over the last month, I’ve have been finding a little hard to motive myself outside
of work, However over the last week, I’ve managed to buck my Ideas up and get
some work done, Mostly on Chovi’s new site, which is nearing completion, I’ve
Created a nice new logo from the Main Obscureinternet page, However I think Conor’s
page will need starting from scratch. I also may knock a few new example sites
together if I find the time.

At home me and the boy have watch the new version of He-Man on CNX, It’s very
serious and not as light hearted as the original version but it does have the
cheesy Moral Message at the end still (don’t judge people by the appearing turkeys,
because it may not be Man-at-arms your looking at you, it might be a funny robot)
We also have been watching a lot of Fox Kids, and their Marvel Related cartoons
X-Men (which Conor has seemed to have gone of), Hulk and Spiderman (Conor’s Favourite)

On the subject of the Hulk, The wife and I went to see the film, big mistake it
was poo. First hour is dull, dull, and dull. Action sequences are suitably silly
(I enjoyed them greatly) however the final part is cack. Overall a pretty pants
film, and now the wife won’t go to the cinema with me. Thanks Ang Lee you crackhead.
I did however enjoy a couple of Films this last month Star Trek Nemesis (thanks
Chovi) which was probably a little better than I expect (despite the Wrath of
Kahn ending) and Bruce Almighty which made the family laugh (but was a little

Work wise, I’ve been sent my EDS contact to sign so It’s a health and Dental plan
for the family and I actual will start a pension, Woo!! And Russ might get his
money for recommending me.

Games wise Rise of Nations has now Bored me, I’ve completed Elite Force 2 and
C&C Generals at least (although I still prefer playing Skirmish) and I’m back
to playing CounterStrike.

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