Glen McNamee
XIII Demo, GTA Vice City and MSblast.
Posted on Aug 14, 2003 in Gaming

Played the XIII Demo this week, if find it quite enjoyable, this was quite
a surprise considering I hate Cell shaded graphic games, but this had a nice
comic book style. Also being played that Multiplayer mod of GTA Vice City which
is pretty cool. This week I had a fight with the MSblast worm thing last night,
Not on my PC of course, via a proxy and I was the victor by KO!. I watched T3
at cinema with Dave on Wednesday 14th August I enjoyed the film, however I not
sure how much I like it, I think I’ll need to see it again to make my
mind up. I do have a few problems with the plot.

The Highlight of this week should be the Friday Staff Night at Tall Trees an
paid night of boozing a the companies expense. I’ll take the camera again,
so except some new gallery images next week.

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