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Away, Away. It’s a holi-holiday.
Posted on Sep 13, 2003 in Life

Again I know I haven’t updated for ages, so I bring you up to date with
all the happenings you have missed.

Last month was probably the most successfully in this site history probably down
to the posting of the pictures from the Staff Night at Tall Trees, and I intending
on building on this with number of additions and changes.

Congratulations is due to Dave and Deborah who have had a little baby boy, have
decided to call him Spencer instead of the bookie favorite name Longford Stern.

Another Interesting fact, my gallery page has top listing on goggle for some popular
Web searches including `Newcastle night out` and `Rotterdam stag

If you were following my Ebay auction, you see I sold all of my items at pretty
good prices. So I’ve splashed out a replaced the sold XP2100+ processor
with a new XP2800+, replaced the CD-R/W and DWD drive with a single Sony Combo
Drive which of course if much quicker 48x24x48x16 and while I was there I thought
I splash out on a work floppy drive and a few case fans.

I order on Saturday, paying for next day delivery for delivery Tuesday (as this
was the only day the wife was off), I was told on Tuesday that the Part haven’t
been sent I would delivered Wednesday, so I release the wife from house arrest
and a short period after she left the a delivery attempt was, so it was off
the Local delivery depot to find there were just attempting delivery of just
the processor (without heat sink and fan), nothing was delivered Wednesday.
On Thursdays they attempted to delivery but of course no one was in, so after
picking Suzanne up from work we rush to Local delivery depot so we can wait
thirty minutes for the last driver to return will my missing bits.

When I got my PC rebuilt and give it a test I did get a big shock. A Gay Porn
shock, when the PC was booted up it started to display pictures of man have
sex with each other, which wasn’t very nice (not my cup of tea). It appeared
a file I had downloaded from emule had infected me with a rather homosexual
virus. A few file deletions and a little regedit and it was gone, but not before
it had rename two of my hard drives “Gaylove” and “Gaysex”,
it also renamed Internet explorers title to “!!! Gaysex is great !!!”
Which of course may be true, but I don’t want Internet Explorer to tell
the wife and son.

I’m away on Holiday from Sunday (please don’t try and rob my house),
when I return a may post about my new two month fight with my NTL web space.

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