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Ireland, There and Back
Posted on Sep 28, 2003 in Life

Before I left for holiday two things of note were brought to my attention, the
first one was I was informed that there was a team leader position going at work
and Asked if I wanted to apply, however I did not, I’m quite happy as a
DTL (deputy team leader) for now, I may apply for the next vacancy when I’m
a better DTL. The second thing was the damn Gay Porn Virus struck again, I obviously
hadn’t removed all the infected files. I’ve managed the remove all
the virus I can find however this has removed the gay porn, but has destroyed
my Notepad, and get problems with my registry now, I’ve done a full backup
and so I’ll be formatting soon.

The holiday itself was very relaxing except for Conor’s occasional (!) misbehavior,
we visited the giants causeway again (last time we visited was September 11th
2001) and another tourist attraction which was some rope bridge over to small
island, we took absolutely ages to walk to. I’ll might upload some Pictures
for you soon. The main thing that was going on while we were in Ireland was preparation
for the Gaelic Football All Ireland Final, which involved Tyrone (were I was staying)
and for the first time ever another Ulster team Amargh (who got there via the
back door) Tyrone have never won this in there history and Amargh were the defending
champions. Every we went was cover in red and white (even the road signs had been
repainted in some places) which prompt Conor to shout “Up Tyrone”
when he saw them. So while were in Cookstown we got Conor a Tyrone shirt and flag
for the car which we had for the day of match, which was the day we were going
home. We got to listen to the match in the car (very poor reception mind) and
Tyrone won the All Ireland GAA championship for there first time in there history
and we missed the celebrations.

When I got back I was relived to find no one had robbed the house while I was
away, and I got my first EDS pay slip and was sent my P45 by manpower along with
an outstanding overtime payment, so I guess this means I’ve fully converted
to EDS.

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