Glen McNamee
Printer power or lack of it.
Posted on Nov 22, 2003 in Technology

I’d been having a problem with the printer over the last few weeks, the problem being that it wouldn’t power up even after trying different power. Since I only got the printer back in February from Currys it was well within it’s guarantee, so on the first of this month off I went to Currys and handed the printer in at the service desk, they bundled it up and told me they would send it to HP in France. As I couldn’t power up the printer the ink cartridges stunk inside it could not be removed (which were purchase quite recently unfortunately), However Currys advise that HP would resend these, but because of the postal strike and the back log of post it caused I probably would get the cartridges back for about ten days.

A few days later I got a call from Currys to advise that they had spoke to HP and it was there policy to simply replace the printer with a new unit with these sort of problems. So on Thursday 13th I get a call to tell me both my Printer and Cartridges are ready for pick up and they have been tested and found to be working, so next morning the printer and Cartridges are picked up for Currys. Unfortunately they had sent the same printer back and it had the same fault still (unable to power up), some parts missing and a few extra scratches.

So I took the printer is straight back to Currys and after a small amount of head scratching the printer is sent back to HP (I kept the new cartridges just in case). Sure enough a week later Currys phone me to tell me they have a printer to pickup, I go down and this time I pick up a brand new printer, Currys advise me HP just sent the wrong printer back.

When I got home I installed the printer with out a problem and was able to print of some photos, so eventually after three weeks of waiting I get a happy ending.

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