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More Fire Fire Fire
Posted on Apr 4, 2004 in Life

Do you remember the post I made a while ago about a car being on fire in the middle of the road a while back? Well Friday night/Saturday morning a similar thing happened but much worse. It all started at about 0130 Saturday Morning, with a loud noise causing me to look at the window, the skip at the house across the road was on Fire and a fire engine was there putting the fire out, this was soon out and the fun was over.

However, about 40 minutes late I hear a car horn (unfortunately this isn’t too extraordinary even after two o’clock in the morning). This car horn is continuous and doesn’t stop for a couple of minutes, I then hear the door of the house across the road open which sets of there house alarm, this brings me back to the windows and See there is no problem across the road, just a young lasses coming out to look at the fire further down the road. Yep about 5 or 6 houses down a car is on fire in the drive of house across the road, the car is very close to the front of this house, so close in fact the front door is melting with the heat from the fire. Again the firemen turn up and put this fire out, I return to bed very nervous that some one is setting fire to items on my road.

My nervousness make my look out of the windows when I hear anything happen outside, and when such a noise makes my look out of the window after about 40 minutes since the last fire, can you guess what I did see? Yup another car on fire, this one was even further down and was one corner of the road, again fireman turned up and put it out. I went to sleep dreaming that someone stole the Car and Conor with it.

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