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Posted on May 26, 2004 in Life

Right, Updating websites is a good idea isn't it? Especial when you want people to visit them… I will continue to blame this lack of updates of Championship Manager 4, stupid game keeps me up until 1 and 2 o'clock at night playing it. And it's not just affecting me updating this website, I played footie on Tuesday after one CM4 sessions left me with five hours sleep and I could run, or kick or any of them other things that are handy for football.

My studies have changed as I've decide to do the Windows XP MCP instead of the older Windows 2000 version, I will map a full time table for studies after my Holiday in Ireland (July)

Speaking of Holidays me and the wife are off to London for the Weekend, as it's our first wedding anniversary on 31st, we hopefully are going to catch a show. I'll post some pictures if I get any decent ones.

I've finally got myself a new phone, unsurprisingly a Sony Ericsson one, a T630 to be precise. I was going to use it to take pictures and Bluetooth them to the PC, but I've just found out my motherboard isn't Bluetooth after all, never mind, I may buy a cheap dongle.

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