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Holiday, Conor’s Birthday and Spanish Turkeys.
Posted on Aug 4, 2004 in Holidays, Lego

It was Conor’s fifth Birthday yesterday but as both Suzanne and I were working, he got to open a few of his toys on the morning (including Spiderman 2 Lego) and then he was taken to the Cinema by Mel (Suzanne’s Mate) and one his girlfriends Aimee (Mel’s Daughter) to see the Garfield movie and after that off to McDonalds. We hadn’t give him all his presents on the morning as we wanted to save some from when we returned from work, but he fell asleep on the way back from Mel’s and slept until this morning, so he got most of his presents (including Super Optimus-Prime), a day late. Obviously the does not include the presents he got early like half a Gameboy Advance (which he shares with his dad) and a trip to Legoland (including Lego and Lego toys).

I’m off to the match tonight. Yes it’s that just before the season starts so it’s the “Boro V Some Spanish Turkeys” match. The only Friendly Match at the Riverside of the year (probably), I hope it isn’t rubbish and we score loads.

I have plans to put up the pictures from the Ireland and Legoland Trips in the Gallery, add few features to the site (comments for each blog entry and maybe picture) a CSS redesign, I’ve got some stories to added to Broken Inglish and I’m also considering the future of Konnie Huq’s pages.

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