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Bloggy Christmas and a Bloggy New Year
Posted on Jan 1, 2005 in Blogging, Fitness, Lego, Life, Transformers, Websites

What’s the point in having a blog if you don’t blog in it? It’s a good question and one I’m much less often as “Why are you so horrible”. The answer is that I’m not very good at blogging or being interesting for that matter, but today I shall endeavour to make this entry worth reading. Perhaps I should do this by writing something in here, but if I could write all the things I think this place might be an interest (and strange) place to visit. I could mention the drunken night in the black bull in Peterlee, even better I could get around to posting the pictures.

Christmas has been and gone and for me it seemed a very average one, but Conor was happy with his presents (More Lego, More Transformers, More Action Man Stuff, etc) which is important if a little mercenary I suppose.

I’m planning on a new start in the New Year. I start a new role at work on Tuesday, I’m also planning to take my first Microsoft Exam during February (I know you heard that before) and I’ve also started see if I can sort out a Mortgage with the Bank. I may even join a Gym (No chance)

I have been working on various things over the last month or so, a new design for BrokenInglish, a completely new ObscureInternet Webdesign site and a new Site called “Orchestral Media Developments” for Anthony Putson and Allister Brimble. I hope to be using flash in some of these new designs.

I’ve developed a bit of banner code, which displays banners from ObscureInternet, and few other sites this. It is in use on this page, in the forum and hopeful I’ll roll it out to all the other sites in the near future. If want your banner adding drop me and email.

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