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Catching Up Part II
Posted on Jun 20, 2005 in Life

Did I promise to tell you more about the Holiday in Disneyland? Well if a picture is worth a thousand words then seventeen pictures surely means don't need to write a thing. A Disneyland Imagine gallery is now available go have a look.

I've had second thoughts about completing my MSCA, I have decided to do an ITIL qualification, and I may go back and finish the MCSA later or I may go on to do further ITIL qualifications, we’ll see how it goes.

I see McDonalds are now longer server anything remotely vegetarian any longer, well screw them I'll go to Burger King in future. We all know Burger King is nicer anyway.

I've acquired GTA San Andreas for the PC, and it has started to steal my free time like only a GTA game can.

What probably got me most exciting is that I got my new phone, the Sony Ericsson K750i. It's a fantastic phone, however there was one problem with the phone, it is Vodafone branded. This means as well as being the less attractive silver model, I can't use MP3 files as ringtones or message alerts unless I covert them using Sony Ericsson's DRM software. Even flashing the phone (via Sony Ericsson’s website) does not remove the branding.

Link: Disneyland Paris 2005 Gallery

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