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Catching up
Posted on Jun 19, 2005 in Life

Has it been two weeks since the last update? Oh, I am a naughty boy. Well I’m (half) bring you up to date with what as happened in the last fortnight.

Most importantly I’ve got my K750i and to celebrate this future posts will have images taken with said camera phone.

My favourite forum Mercury Vapour has closed down, this gives me mixed feelings as I was the top poster on there with over 2000 posts, and I’ll miss the place greatly however it also means a lot of a new members now going to the ObscureInternet forum.

The new World Smallest Transformers have turned up on my desk, Here’s what they look like..

Desk Transformers

If I can find any more on Ebay I’ll think I’ll buy them…

I’ve seen a couple of movies, The League of Gentlemen Apocalypse is a good one, and The Pacifier isn’t, in fact it’s a stinker.

Some of other stuff happened in the last two weeks, and I’ll post that in the next part.

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