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Posted on Jul 25, 2005 in Holidays, Life, Technology, Transformers

Sorry about that lack of updates, I have been writing, but various computer problems have eaten the words. So it’s going to be one of thos updates where I bring you upto date with whats been happening with me and those connected to me.

Conor lost his first tooth, got pupil of the week for the third time this year and the second week running. The precedent of getting him a toy for getting pupil of week has so far cost us, Four sets of Episode III Star Wars Lego, and the six Constructicon transformers which group together to form Devastator.

I’ve change role at work. This time it’s a sideways move but it more project management than people management, which is something I’ve wanted to have a go at. On the last day I with my old team, and again they made me feel I would be missed as they got me a card, cake and some munchies for the team to mark my departure.

I’ve been really concerned with the number of people who have noticed the size of my belly lately, I’ve definitely increased in size. I’m very nearly closed to joining the Gym.

One of the things I’ve missed writing about because of not updating for a while is the bombs in London. This has been most worrying for me as my sister lives and works in London. Fortunately she has been unharmed thus far. However this did remind me when the Omagh bomb went of all those years ago, my mother was in County Tyrone Ireland, which is not far from the Omagh and she could have very easily been shopping there that afternoon, and this was quite a worry because it took hours to get in touch with her to find out she was ok.

If this update seems longer and more thought out then usual it might be because most of it was typed at a laptop while listening to MP3 on my lovely K750i Mobile fun come Mp3 Player (with new 1GB memory stick thanks to Ebay) or it could be because I’m even more full of shit than usual, you decide.

I’m on Holiday from tomorrow, but I’ll be back next week with more words, promise

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