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Posted on Aug 14, 2005 in Football, Life, Transformers

Yes, the ok but bland Anthony won Big Brother, it is a shame as we all loved Eugene.

Again, I've been busy, this time getting the house ready. Some nice people are coming from the housing associating with a new kitchen, fireplace and they are going to fiddle with the radiators as well, so me and the wife have been moving stuff out of the into boxes and we even had a good old rummage and found lots of stuff to take to the recycling centre.

I've not been stiff at all since my return from the Gym, I'm looking forward to heading back tomorrow.

I've picked my Dream Team for the mini-league at work, of the 28 teams in there my team below screams out midi-table obscurity.

Cech , Chelsea, Goalkeeper, £5.5m

Queudrue , Middlesbrough, Defender, £3.5m

Heinze , Manchester Utd, Defender, £5.0m

Upson , Birmingham, Defender, £2.5m

A Ferdinand , West Ham, Defender, £1.5m

Danny Murphy , Charlton, Midfielder, £3.0m

T Miller , Sunderland, Midfielder, £2.5m

Carrick , Tottenham, Midfielder, £3.5m

Zamora , West Ham, Striker, £2.0m

Rooney , Manchester Utd, Striker, £5.5m

Defoe , Tottenham, Striker, £5.5m

Battlestar Gallactica season 2 continues to impress, where as Transformers Galaxy Force has annoyed me this week with the tiny but newly combined Sonic Convoy knocked out the huge Super Starscream. Pah, stupid Cybertrons (Autobots)

Did I forget to tell you about the news Transformers Cybertron theme tune? It was remixed by the Grammy nominated word famous DJ, Paul Oakenfold. Responsible for the awesome remix of U2's "Even Better Than The Real Thing" amongst other things. The only problem is… it's a bit shit, go have a listen.

Link: Transformer Cybertron theme

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