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Illness and Watching Movies
Posted on Aug 20, 2005 in Film, Life

Another hard working week until Wednesday, when I start to feel bad. I must have caught what was making Conor ill. So I spent Wednesday Night, Thursday and Most of Friday ill in the house alone feeling sorry for myself.

I didn’t get to the Gym on Wednesday and Friday like I wanted to, and even missed a night out at the pub!

The one thing I did do while I was ill was watch a few movies. I saw Sin City (At last), Batman Begins, Sponge Bob Square Pants, National Treasure and Anchorman.

I thought Sin City was excellent, the prefect way to bring a comic book to the screens. Batman Begins was promising but the plot seems a little all over the place (but this may have been down to the editing of the version I watched), Sponge Bob Square Pants was really funny, National Treasure was a typical Jerry Bruckheimer film lightweight but entertaining and finally Anchorman which was a hilarious as the first day watched it.

When not ill, I’ve been attempting to work a new website (not going to well at the minute, no inspiration) and promoting my blog (going better) unfortunately three of the top forum poster have disappeared over the last two weeks and this has lead to the forum being very quiet.

I got the following link from the Chiefs at the Burnley Wallet, but it was too good to keep to myself. Check the comments section!

Link: Manchester Buccaneers

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