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Return of the Me from Holibobs
Posted on Aug 5, 2005 in Links, Transformers

I’ve returned from Holiday, I’ve missed a host of rare world smallest transformers on ebay due to lack of Internet connection, Soundwave has joined my Worlds Smallest Transformer collection. However since I moved jobs (and desks) I’ve not removed them from my draws yet. Soundwave unlike most of my current collection which came from half way around the world, had a short trip from Sunderland

Conor has added Energon Optimus Prime, Universe Ransack and Smokescreen, Energon Threadbolt and finally the Armada Mini-cons Mirage, Dirt Boss, and Downshift who merge to form Skyboom to his collection of full sided Transformers. Thanks to his 6th birthday which was on Wednesday.

We took him to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to celebrate, it’s a really excellent movie, one that was enjoyed by the whole family. I’ve still been watching Galaxy Force and in Episode 26, Starscream kicks fucking arse. However the America dub of Galaxy Force, Transformers Cybertron sucks donkey’s balls, the dub is ridiculously bad. But woo! Battlestar Gallactica season 2 has kicked off in the US, and it still rockers my boxers.

I’ve been eating health lately (lots of fruit, etc) and although this has provide me Motivate and full of energy.. Which I have been using, being playing football with Conor a lot lately as he has been showing an interest in playing, I try to get him playing when he was smaller but he wasn’t having any of it now he has been playing it at school I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to and him to play. Then I went on Holiday and ate of lots of fried breakfasts and home cooked dinners, people who I’ve not seen for a while where telling I’ve put on weight. I did do some exercise, I played football one night and scored quiet a cracking goal. I’ve also been Learning lots of stuff including Speed reading as took the laptop and lots of read material (e-books) with me. I’m attempting to use a more emotional language in my updates after one of the books on communication has inspired me.

So Today I'm 30 and I’m Joining the Gym. I’m 5’7 (when the hair is spiked up) and over 11 stone, and 9 stone of that is in my belly. I am determined to become all I can be, and this means getting fit, but not just that, it’s also means getting smart; getting everything I want from my Career, etc.

I ment to tell you this a few weeks back but I’d couldn’t fit it in, Simon Thomas is now an MCP after passing his exam, and I’m still stuck from were to go one from my MCP, should I move on to do the MCSA or do the ITIL foundation qualification first? Pah, one thing you need to be motivated, is clear goals to work towards! I have lots of Goals but too many to work towards, so I need to choose which of these are important.

Here’s a motivational quote for you to go on with….

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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