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Posted on Sep 15, 2005 in Life

I suppose I better bring you up to date with my activities, well currently I feel good, in the last few weeks and months. I’ve changed by diet, started to go to the Gym and as I result I’ve lost weight, about 5 pounds (although most of it seems to have come of my face and not my belly) and my upper body (mainly my arms) are starting to tone up.

I’m also using my time at the Gym to listen to Audio Books on the K750i (I love my phone), on subjects such as Self Motivational and Goal setting, etc. I’m also still thinking about doing my next MCP towards my MCSA.

Again thanks to ebay I have some new toys, a 1Gb memory stick (all the way from Hong Kong) and four world smallest Transformers for my Desk at home…

Me and Conor got our hair cut on Saturday, He’s got a little spike on the front of his, which makes him look even more cheeky! It surprised me that he had it spiked this time as he been asked before and he’s always refused it. I suspect he just wants to pinch my Hair Gel.

The new kitchen is nearly finished in the house, and to celebrate almost have the house back to normal Me and wife bought some of that fake wooden flooring stuff to put in the living room.

The wife should be happy I’ve mentioned her on the blog now!

I was going to post something about the Cricket (because it’s fashionable) and the Fuel Protesters (because there daft twats) but I don’t think I’ll bother.

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