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Amsterdam, Advent Children and Heinze.
Posted on Oct 4, 2005 in Film, Life

I'm Going to Amsterdam with some of the work lot, should be fun! Speaking of the work lot since we last met I Nice meal on Sunday in Sunderland with work and the wife. It was a Lovely Italian meal with good company!

I also need to state Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is the most awesome of films, I insist you go and see it somehow.

I missed most the Gym last week, as I didn't feel to good. I've been Back at the Gym this week gained weight, but I seemed to have gained weight, I'm over 11 stone again!

Computer has been out of action because we have been putting down new flooring in the living room (where the computer lives) but we ran out, and there was no more stock.

On the website front, I've been working on a new site for a friend, this is the first 'shop front' website I will have done. I'll post I link when it is finished. Jamie's website Mercury Vapour has been redesigned, and I don't like it looks to much like every other blog.

My Dream Team has not been doing to well since the last update, especially now Stupid Heinze is crocked.

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