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Posted on Jan 6, 2006 in Life, Transformers

Four updates in four days? You must think it’s Christmas or perhaps it’s my new years resolution to update my blog, well it’s neither, however I will come back to my new year resolution in a moment.

I mention Christmas first. Santa’s certainly swelled the Autobot and Deception ranks for both my and Conor, Have a look at our collections now…

Conor’s Collection of Transformers

My Collection of Transformers

As well as my Robot Masters Optimus Prime,  Robot Masters Starscream. I also got a Energon Optimus Prime Pen,  Transformers DVD and Star Wars Revenge of Sith DVD as well as some other gifts. Conor’s most notable gift (he got too many to mention) was A Nintendo DS and Nintendogs, I’ll leave the details of this for now as it’s a whole update to itself.

So on to the subject of New Years Resolutions, Last years Resolutions were;
Stop downloading and watching specialist video files. – Well I stopped downloading them, watching is another matter
Study for my MCSA and take the first exam in February           – I took and passed my first MCP but no more.
Spend less time mindlessly browsing the Internet – Erm, a small amount of success here
Get fit (and maybe join a Gym)- I joined a Gym
Buy a house.- Not even close

So taking into account last years progress this years resolutions are;
Stop downloading specialist video files.
Everyday is a school day. Study for my ITIL and take the exam in February and keep going after this.
Spend less time mindlessly browsing the Internet
Keeping going to the Gym, and find some more activities to do.
Clear my Debts
Improve social skills
Stop fucking swearing (boom-boom)
Improve my Basic English skills.

I’ll keep you updated on how they are going…

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