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Posted on Apr 9, 2006 in Life

I make no excuses about not updating for a while, as I have reprioritised by time so I can spend more of it with my family. Anyway I’ll bring you up to date with what has been happening in my so called life.

We’ve all been good and well over the last few weeks except for last weekend, when Conor was sick on Saturday and then Suzanne and I became sick on Sunday. I used this as an excuse for Conor and myself to sit on the sofa and watch DVD’s all morning. One of these was the excellent Transformers the Movie which I still believe is a great movie despite how poor the TV series looks and feels now.

I started my new job this week, almost four years after starting my job in Peterlee I have taken a new (temporary) role within the company which means I will now be spending my time working from home and Lytham St Annes (near blackpool). The first part of the week will be spent working from home and the second part from Lytham which is a long way from home so I must spend my nights in a hotel away from the family which is not ideal.

I’ve not been working from home as yet, as I don’t have my company laptop yet (I do have my Company mobile) so last week was working in Peterlee, as I will have to do this week again. I did travel down to Lytham this week as travelling down on Wednesday morning and coming back on Friday afternoon, but not before going out on the tiles in Blackpool (which I will cover in great detail in the next update)

My mother was in England for a quick visit at the end of the week, unfortunately I missed some of it with being away, but I did get to see her Friday night and when we dropped her back at Newcastle airport yesterday. On the way back in the sunny weather gave in to snow, yes it was snowing in April so badly that the football match at Sunderland had to be called off twenty minutes into play.

When I find the time the plans for the websites are as follows – Slight Redesign to ObscureInternet (I’m planning on moving to a more modular design so maybe I can add future technologies such as Ajax) and adding some new stories. This blog is going to be redesigned to it fits in with the feel of the main OI site. Surprisingly I’m still undecided what to do with the Zoë Salmon and Konnie Huq Sites, I’m torn between completely removing them or integrating them further with the main site.

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