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An update?
Posted on Jun 27, 2006 in Film, Life

I had a great day with Conor in Albert Park a few Saturdays back, it was Pirate Day, we saw (and participated in) a magic show, did a treasure hunt (won a Frisbee), saw some hawks and owls, bumped into Deborah and Spencer and got a little sun burnt but I think the highlight of the day is when I was put in the stocks and Conor threw wet sponges at me, I got soaked. Me and the family also popped into town the next day to see Middlesbrough music live.

I still haven't been able to get to the gym regular because of my job, but I did get in once last week, and I hope to go tomorrow as well. I'm also going to cut down on the drinking as it is making me very fat, unfortunately when I'm working away I’ve got the choice of going out for a meal and a drink or staying in and watching six year old episodes of Judge Judy.

The comments system has been updated and to answer Scrib's question about it, it does some simple validation on what you enter (email address and main text), but it does not ban any words such as spunk (I'm not that much of hypocrite) but it will not allow comments with any words assoicated with spam (e.g. Vigara).

I'm working on an ObscureInternet news feature which will be a news system for all the ObscureInternet sites and will be customizable to work on each site and as an RSS feed, it should be good if I ever finish it. I'm also working on IRC chat feature for the main page, and a Rich Text editor for the backend updating.

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