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Fighting the good fight
Posted on Jun 4, 2006 in Life


As you will have noticed I’ve been losing the fight against bloggers block. I do have a lot to day, I just have a problem typing/say them.

What I wanted to tell you last month is that I’ve managed to find some time to update ObscureInternet, It’s updated for the month of many with around fifteen stories. I’ve also started to advertise the site, so I’m now looking for some more articles, users and writers. I didn’t get around to searching for the articles, users and writers but May was the most popular month for ObscureInternet in the last year. I also wanted to tell you I’ve also managed to convert the entire family into using Gmail, but I guess those moments are gone.

I’ve been having a look thought the blog and it’s about this time of year I post about going on Holiday (for the Wedding anniversary) and Passing Exams.

So why should this year be any different Me and wife visited Dublin, our third European capital for our third anniversary. I made sure we visited Dublin’s number one tourist attraction the Guinness Storehouse. The Exam news is I final took and passed my ITIL Exam, although I was not confident and under prepared (I had a wealth of Training Material which I hadn’t studies as much I should) I did get quiet a good mark.

I had more stuff to write about such as the Explosion on Teesside, doing the gardening, working away and the World Cup but I can’t remember any of it.

One thing I do remember is that Conor got pupil of the week again, fifth time in the last two years.

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