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Posted on Jun 11, 2006 in Life

We’ve all being enjoying the weather this past week, it’s been very hot all over England, which is good job because I was in various parts of it last week. Cheadle and Didsbury were particular highlights.

One thing I meant to tell you in the last post is that I (finally) watched Godzilla Final Wars it’s an odd mix of Godzilla, Destroy all monsters, The Matrix and Independence day, and unlike The Last Samurai this is a Japanese film featuring an American bad-ass with a samurai sword. Therefore it is most highly recommended by myself.

Of course the greatest thing to happen this week is the start of the World Cup, seven matches so far and I haven’t missed one!

Finally I’ve been fiddling with the comments system to make it more Knobhead proof, so if you have any problems drop me an email.

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