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Posted on Jul 31, 2006 in Life

My big news this weeks is the old Desktop PC has given up the ghost and since the majority of the parts are almost two years old it give me the excuse to upgrade (even If I can’t afford it)

I ordered some bits from on Friday and they arrived first thing Saturday morning, so I quickly started to build my new super PC, however building quickly stopped when I discovered that an AM2 processor had been sent instead of the 939 pin that would fit in the motherboard. Curses! Fortunately Overclockers have a sensible RMA process, a new processor has been ordered and should be arriving on Tuesday and the AM2 will be winging it’s way back to Stoke soon after.

The last two weeks in has seen some strange going on in the North East the most notable of these are bumping into Chris Morland (how bizarrely random) in Lytham and a return to the Syndicate in Blackpool which is looking even better than it did last time I was there (a number of years ago) and possible the funniest thing was seeing a certain person’s pants fall down in a night club in Lytham, I am still laughing now.

The hot weather is continuing with no end in sight, this is great during the day but a proper pain in the arse at night as it make sleeping almost impossible.

The family and I am on Holiday now for the next two weeks, We’ve got to plans to head out anywhere special as yet, but I imagine we will have a few day trips and maybe a couple of days at the theme park. If I get the chance, a working PC and some inspiration I may even do some website work.

I promise you another update when I get the PC up and running.

EDIT: After praising for for their RMA process, it’s seem I was mislead by their lazy Support Staff. Thus they have wasted both my time, money and patience. I definitely do not recommend Overclockers as they are a bunch of cocks.

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