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That Update!
Posted on Aug 12, 2006 in Life, Transformers

Hello all, here is the updating I've been hinting at for the past two weeks and it looks like it's going to be a long one! Please excuse the bad English it’s been a long day.

DSC01066 As you may know I've been on Holiday for the past two weeks, (back to work on Monday) and you also may know that I've been looking forward to this holiday for a bit, for a various reasons Including; It's two weeks away from work, It's two weeks with the wife and the boy, Mother is coming to England for a couple of weeks and bringing one me Aunts with her, and my sister should be home for a few days. We hadn't planned on going one place for the holidays but rather have a number of days out to theme parks and the like.

  The only incident of first few days (excluding bumping into to Mark Conner and Family Fun Day in Pallister Park and aside from my hair growing far too long on my head and face) was the problems with the computer. The correct processor arrived on Tuesday and the computer was rebuilt. Firstly I tried to reinstall Windows XP with a repair install (despite the new hardware) this would not work, so I formatted C: and installed a new version of XP, fortunately I’d moved the 'documents and setting' folder to the D drive so it didn't cause too many software problems. However even after the computer was fully built and installed I was having problems with it Blue Screening, Network and Installer problems.

DSC01072 Wednesday night came and was time to go pick Ma up from the Airport, it being a nice night and us being on holiday me and the full family got into the car (mostly without jackets) and headed of to Newcastle. The trip up was the fine; it was the trip back from the Airport when the car decided to break down. Now currently the RAC (our breakdown company) are running an advert on TV at the moment where they attend to and fix a broken down car in a couple of minutes in the most condescending way possible. So it was rather annoying waiting on the side of the A1(M) in the rain near midnight waiting for the RAC to figurate out where we had broken down and then decide to send a another breakdown company to attend. The guy that attended the car was pretty good actually however he couldn't fix the car and he had to tow us all the way home. About two hours after the car broke down we finally got home, and it looked like the head gasket on the car had gone, which had also punctured the radiator (which was now leaking)

The Car and Computer Problems continued through Conor’s seventh Birthday. The computer was still Blue Screening, and I was arranging a Mechanic to come and look at the car.

So I was feeling pretty low on my thirty-first Birthday, despite birthday wishes from Sarno Cabral, Jujuba Docinha, METROPLEX !!!!, Ignacio, BritHawk, Heather, Laura, C16, merman, Dafunk, Hazel, Danceaway, Vosla, ifadeo, Dumper, Romeo Knight, moog, Kenz, LMan, trace and Waz (Many thanks all) my only present was this Galaxy Force Starscream which was bought using ebay by myself a couple of months ago. I had left it in the cupboard upstairs until the time was right.

DSC01088 In the second week of the Holiday we got a nice mobile Mechanic to look at the car. He is going to look at the fixing the Gasket and replace the Radiator, we sorted out a reasonable priced hire care (£107 + Petrol for five day hire of Fiesta from National) and saw some Puppies.

The bad news is the mechnical thinks there is a possiblity the car engine could have been cracked when the Gasket blew on the car, which mean the car would cost more to repair then it would be worth. The engine will be crack tested. Microsoft Crash analysis was given me and help with my computer problems, apparently it is a 'Error caused by a device driver'.

On Wednesday we took the boy to Diggerland in the Hire Car, and great fun was had by all.

DSC01104 We also found out the car ain't complete broken and it should be fixed in the next few days. The computer seems to responding to a course of tweaking BIOS, new Device Drivers and disabling NV Fireware. I even managed a late night drink related webcam session.

Which brings us to today. Mechanic is still fixing the car and the computer hasn’t given me a problem for the last three days. We took the hire car this afternoon, and while we where in town Conor and I took the opportunity to have our hair cuts. I’m very pleased with mine, a pretty new lass has started at the my Stylist (which is moving incidentally) and she gave me a very good cut. Conor's got his spiked up. After that we went to see the new Disney/Pixar movie Cars which was great (except the Jermey Clarkson, pointless regionalisation at it’s worst)

Erm, I've missed loads of stuff out, like how the Wife read the last update about the Iron and she ain’t happy. If I thinking of anything else I try to fit it in another update.

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