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The proper update
Posted on Sep 24, 2006 in Football, Life

I know this update has been a long long time coming, but it’s been difficult to write this one (until I decided to miss out the interesting stuff), Some of this this update with written on a sunny Balcony in Lytham St Annes over a two week ago, and the rest I am trying to complete now.

As you also may remember for a previous update, are a bunch of cocks. Who manage to turn there RMA process into a decent way of making money. Thanks to them I sold the Processor for sale on ebay, and Graphics and sound card will follow.

It’s been up and down for me, the lows have seen me get drunker than I have been for a long time (on a school night) and I’ve also missed a important social function too. The ups have seen me return to the Blackbull in Peterlee for a drink, a nice meal on the town with friends, I’ve managed to hit the gym to days running, and I caught up with some old friends while watching the Boro perform very poorly.

I’ve also learned how to drive an Automatic car, the simple secret is to chop off your left leg.

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