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Happy Sunday afternoon Turkeys
Posted on Oct 22, 2006 in Life

The sun is shinning a my cup of tea is hot, and I have the feeling a should be updating my blog again, however I haven’t really remember anything worth blogging. So I’ll just give you some random facts, starting with on the way to the shop I passed a group of kids with the worst Guy (Fawkes doll) ever, it looked a half filled paper bag attached to some old clothes, when the kids asked for ‘penny for the guy’ I suggested that they should pay me for walking passed it instead.

Speaking of Halloween, it is often the time over eager advertisers start harping on about Christmas and sure enough this year is no exception, I had the misfortune to watch Emnerdale with the wife and it’s a sponsored by some air fresher company that thinks its they don’t even need a tenuous link to Jesus Birthday to use it as an excuse to steal our money

Google’s Documents and Spreadsheet is a very handy page which hasn’t had the publicity it deservers and then only reason I have not been shouting that from the roof tops (metaphorically speaking) is because Google seem to hate Opera.

The podcasted I mention in the last update is now available, although ObscureInternet only feature for a very short time, you should go a listen.

Link: HansIsland Podcast

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