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Posted on Oct 10, 2006 in Links, Podcasts, Websites

Right, I officially concede that I am rubbish at updating websites, which given my position is a pretty crappy state of affairs, but I’ll do my best to update you in my so called life.

I’ve had a return to the Gym and I’ve actually managed on a couple of occasions to do a full work out. One of my fears since I started working away is the amount of weight I would put on from having fancy hotel or restaurant meals every night, so I took the bold step of weighing myself for the first time in six month, and I was shocked to see I’ve only put on about 2kg. I hope to keep going to the gym and maybe start swimming as well.

I’ve also being playing with a MySpace profile for myself and ObscureInternet go and have a look. Myspace seems to be good way out get people interested in your band/website/film/whatever so I’m going to keep exploiting that.

Seems Overclockers are not the only company with shitty customer service. I’ve got my lovely K800i at last (it’s a fooking awesome phone, the camera is outstanding) from Vodafone, however it’s the deal I’ve got is not the deal I asked for on the phone. I rang up and got through to someone called Neil in Upgrades who sounded about 12, who told me I could have the phone as I free upgrade on a twelve month contact, he also asked if I wanted a month free insurance which I politely decided. So imagine my surprise a number of days later when I got a not through my door telling me that I had agreed to a eighteen month contract and insurance.

I immediately call Vodafone and after 15 minutes waiting to get thought or speaking to other people I’m eventually put through to a guy called Craig in the ’14 day returns’ department. Craig was a great guy after listening to me explain my problem, he decide that it sound like too difficult problem a problem to be bothering with at 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon so he said ‘hello’ down the phone a couple of time to give the illusion that the call had been lost before removing his headset and leaving it on his desk. I’ve work in contact centres long enough to know when someone is taking the piss out of me.

When I call back I was put thought to a lass the same department (I forget her name) who could have give a shit about the appalling service I had received, instead she thought it was sufficient to tell me that you could get the phone I order on a twelve month contacts.

On a lighter note as you hopefully have read and heard I had the pleasure in taking part in my first podcast. I work with Rob from the HansIsland podcast, and he was kind enough to ask my a couple of guys we work with (who are also OI forum members) to be on a show. The podcast has seen a large number of new visitors to OI which is a great thing and long may it continue, also since the first podcast we have also recorded some more footage, so you may be hearing from us again.

Conor has recently developed a small interested in football which has led to me taking him to football on Friday Nights after school. On the subject of football I have some Abzanspondor news. is talk of a Abzanspondor legends reunion match to take place in the near future, more details when they are in!

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