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Long time no update? So bite me.
Posted on Nov 17, 2006 in Life, Links, Websites

Me and the family had a nice short holiday in Ireland, it would have been even better if I had not been sick with the flu, but never mind. This was followed up by a week long visit from me Mother, Sister and Aunt which means the odds of my winning any argument where very very low.

Website wise The staff of ObscureInternet had the very first meeting if the ObscureInternet council last week which I think went very well. Remember we are looking for staff, if you think you can help please drop me a line! I’ve also been working hard on the web design. The back end of ObscureInternet has been almost completely rewritten, BrokenInglish is up and running again with new stories and more to come and I’m currently working on the Konnie Huq and Zoë Salmon fan sites, the new and improve sites should be up and running soon.

I finally got a new 1GB M2 Memory card (cheap of Ebay) for the new K800i, I’ve also got some great apps for it including Opera and the official clients for Gmail and Live Messenger, so I can continue my internet addiction even when I’m away from the computer and laptop.

I must wish a belated Happy Birthday to Scribbler’s blog as it is 200 years old or something such like.

I’ve been thinking of my next set of new years resolutions and how they are going to be very close to this years, which brings me to a interesting website where you put down various goals you have in your life and share progress with people with the same goals, this site is a part of number of sites from which I found I’m the only person to consume the Lazy Town sound track.

Other stuff I should have blogged about, but I never got around to it include The very sad death of Basil Poledouris, I recommend that you go and listen to the amazing Conan and Robocop soundtracks to see what the world is now missing. The Borat movie, which very funny film. Probably even funnier if haven’t seen the character before. Also Conor has been playing on Super Mario 64 on his DS for the last weeks and has managed to get more than 80 stars by himself which I think is pretty cool.

Finally I usually create a new post when a new Magic Trevor is released, but I’ve not done it this time as it encourages school child to come to the site and post stupid comments.

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