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Merry Christmas
Posted on Dec 27, 2006 in Life

It is a little late I know, but so is every other single update I have every written on this blog. Speaking of blogging, I recently read that blogging is set to peak next year, which made my think about this blog and if I should continue to update it, lets face it, I’ve never really been any good at blogging, I’ve never blogged about any of the important stuff in my or anyone’s life (you understand the normal stuff births, deaths, miscarriages, terrorist attacks) perhaps I should make that a new years resolution (more on those later)

Anyway back to Christmas, I still don’t like it. In fact I could quite do with out, as someone who has been seduced by Richard Dawkins’ logic all that is left of Christmas is to further spoil the boy by buying him a ridiculous amount of Toys. I can’t really complain about the gifts I was given for Christmas, I got what I asked for which was a load of books (another new year resolution), some more Starscreams (woo), a Thundercats T-Shirt, two tubs (80) of Double Lollies (I adore Swizzlers’ Double Lollies) and some smellies (because I smell).

Looking back on that, I think perhaps am being a little harsh on Christmas, I’m guess I’m just feeling a little down at the moment, I urgently need to sort my life out! One of the significant concerns on my mind at the minute is I feel like I have been treading water this last few months with regards to me my life and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I’m trying to definitely find the precious time to sit down and work out where I need to be going with some things, perhaps these tough matters could be my new year resolutions

.Oh If you are wondering where those pictures I promised to take at Anthony and Nicola engagement are, I never took any, but you can find a burdensome load of new pictures (including new pictures from team nights out) here  at my photobucket site. I use photobucket as it has a healthy 1GB limit rather than flickr which has a poxy 200 most recent images.

Finally I’ll generously give you a bit of website news, there has been lots going on at ObscureInternet but I’ll leave that for another update, I’m seriously reconsidering rewriting the complete site from scratch including creating my own forum software (mainly to get rid of the spammers)

Link: Bhoto pucket

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