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Belated Happy New Year!
Posted on Jan 8, 2007 in Technology

We stayed in on new years eve this year. It seems staying in is the new going out, as a lot of other people I know didn’t bother going out either.

Anyway I promised you a new years resolution update, so lets first of all look at last years resolutions – and how well I did.

Stop downloading specialist video files – Failed, I stopped and restarted several times.
Everyday is a school day. Study for my ITIL and take the exam in February and keep going after this. – Passed(ish), I took and passed the ITIL exam, but no in February. No other learning was done
Spend less time mindlessly browsing the Internet – Failed, miserably. I'm worse than ever now.
Keeping going to the Gym, and find some more activities to do. – Failed, miserably. Bearly went to the gym at all this year.
Clear my Debts – Failed, I payed of some debt, and worked out a plan to clear the rest.
Improve social skills – Failed, miserably.
Stop fucking swearing (boom-boom) – Failed, miserably.
Improve my Basic English skills. – Failed, miserably.

And here this years goals, there is a lot more of them.

Read, Read, Read – Try and read 50 books by Christmas
Blog More – A least one update a week
wake up when my alarm clock goes off (The most difficult task in the world to me)
Spend less time fooling around on the net and more time actually working
Exercise regularly – Need to exercise daily and go the gym at least once a week
drink more water – (Drink less Tea and more water)
learn. learn. learn something everyday
get out of debt – (by paying off credit cards and not buying anything I don’t need)
stop procrastinating
be more patient (be less short tempered)
be more social

I also have these as long terms goals, but I don’t think I’ll get them done this year;
Buy a House
Perform stand-up comedy (perhaps I’ll never do this one)
Write comedy
Write a book and have it published

As I promised last year I'll keep you updated.

Leave some feedback.

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