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It is not in my jeans
Posted on Jan 19, 2007 in Life

This week saw my travel with work for the first time since before Christmas of last year, despite me packing unusually early I forgot to back any casual trousers/jeans so I ended up wearing my tracksuit bottoms which I had only packed for wearing in the gym while staying in the hotel. I felt most embarrassed walking about looking like a chav for two evenings, needless to say I didn’t leave the hotel.

Well unsurprisingly the car failed it’s MOT, it needed over 400 quids worth of repairs. All of which goes on the credit card bill that I’m trying to clear. So that one news years resolution made a significantly more difficult. Speaking of the resolution I’ll give you a general update on how the are going,

I’m almost finished reading the Seventh book since Christmas, I probably would have read more, but I found “Does Anything eat wasps?” a very difficult read, it’s a very dry and boring, “The book of General Ignorance” is a much more interesting read on the same subject. It is the book I am currently finishing. I am still find it be very difficult to wake up when my alarm clock goes off especially when I’m working from home, hopefully I’ll see some progress in this area soon. I’ve managed to waste less time on the internet by deleted a load of time stealing website from my bookmarks and requesting my account is deleted from a number of social networking sites. I’ve was at the gym on Monday, I did 30 minutes cardio exercise and was very stiff afterwards, but I’m going to continue to build on this. Also I didn’t drink any alcohol while I was away with work, just water and J2O but I’m still drinking far too much Tea.

I’ve made very little progress with the procrastinating, and finally Since this is another update you can see I am blogging at least once a week. I think my next step is make the blogs more interesting.

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