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Six days later
Posted on Jan 14, 2007 in Life

Did you think I was not gonna update the blog in time to keep my Blog at least one update a week resolution? Well ha, I have not failed yet.

Biggest news this week is you can hear my voice and a piece of music remixed by myself on the latest HansIsland podcast, it's excellent as usual so go and have a listen

Second most on my mind is the car is booked in a MOT on Thursday and I have a very bad feeling about this one for a number of reasons including the last one cost a fortune, the car has had some serious problems in the past 12 months, and finally the main reason is I've just finished paying for the car so it will probably need scrapping.

To expand on the previous updated on my hard drive issue, I've lost website work (Including beta code, WIP websites, and a lot of web templates) over About 100,000 Chip tunes (C64, Spectrum, NES, SNES, MegaDrive), A lot of emulators and roms (including Full MAME Set, 20Gb of C64 stuff) MP3 (all my podcasts, complete collection from and and the original and source version of my music remixes. However I've not let this get me down, I've recovered the live website data from their respective webservers, I've re-downloaded a lot of the C64 Remixes from and the rest I will have to live without, and to answer the question of why I didn't backup my data before merging the partition is"Backups are for losers", also I'm to lazy to back up across 10+ DVD discs (I'll think next time I run out of space I'll go back to my old solution of purchasing a new hard drive).

Recently I've grown a strange addiction to the Lazy Town Soundtrack album, 'You are a Pirate' is probably one of the greatest tune of our times.

I'll see you next week for a New years Resolutions update!

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