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Hey Jerks! I done a update
Posted on Apr 11, 2007 in Life

Hello all, I'm giving you a long awaited (probably not) normal update for now. There will be no video Blog until I find something more interesting than the usual blog to put in it (if you have any ideas give me a shout).

Currently I'm sitting on a patio chair in sunny St Anne’s, Britain’s home for the Pensioner and the cheap tourist. Thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi I can sit outside and listen to SlayRadio, Isn't life grand.

I recently have been procrastinating over getting a wireless router for the house, so I could work from out in the garden, however that would mean I would have to tackle something else I've been procrastinating over, doing the Garden. The lawn needs mowing, the bushes needing cutting right back and it needs a good tidy, I should really get it down while it is sunny, as the sun is making the grass grow faster than something that grows really fast (curse my lack of growing metaphors)

Anyway those of you who watch the last blog would be probably interested (although I'm not betting on it) in an update on the wife’s car bump. We've put a new insurance claim in, and they wrote back to say the other fella hasn't told his insurance company. However I don't except any problems, as we've got his name, address and phone number.

Lent is now over and of course I've yet again failed to keep my new years resolution. I've probably had the same one for the last few years, I've mentioned what it is in the first video blog so if you don't know go watch that. I've also lost the final remains of my Christianity. I read 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins which raised some question I suppose I've been ducking for quiet a while, turns out I'm an Pantheist, which as Professor Dawkings explains is a 'Sexed up Atheist' which I liked the sound off, (It also fit my beliefs to, which was handy)

Conor is still doing his Karate and he is getting graded at the end of this month, which means if he passes he will be a yellow and white belt, instead of just a white belt.

Anyway, I better wrap this up, as my battery is running out, and I want to get to the bar in a bit.

Speak to all you all soon.

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