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Procrastinations what you need.
Posted on Apr 30, 2007 in Life, Transformers

I don't need Procrastination, I appear to be the king of the Procrast nation which is eastern European former soviet republic of Procrastia. The title is merely a pun on Record Breakers, but I disgress. The reason I mention my problem with Procrastination is because it again is the reason for the lack of both text and video blogs, although I still could do with a bit of inspiration before I attempt the next C64Glen show.

However I may have a little help in the battle against the afore mentioned European former soviet republic in a snazzy website called Remember the Milk, it's a simple Task/ to do list site but with a Web 2.0 twist and mostly importantly it is accessible via mobile and my netvibes webpage (another website I recommend highly). I have been using it for about a  week I am currently crediting it with helping me (finally) do the gardening, return to local Gym and join the Library.

Websites – I'm still working on a updated web 2.0 design for ObscureInternet but I'm finding it quiet difficult, if there are any web designers who fancy some completely unpaid work please give me a shout. I'm hoping to give ObscureInternet a big push in the next few months, we new article, staff, and merchandise. I've even got rid of the Konnie Huq and Zoe Salmon websites in preparation for it.

Starscream The RadioSo the theme of my life since the last update seems to me spending money. First of all it was the lovely Ghost Starscream World Smallest Transformer a very rare item which I got for a nice price, then it was a new DAB Radio/MP3 player for the bedroom which again was quiet cheap from ebay. The boy got a new a new bike as he is too big for his old one and he is actually started to enjoy riding his bike, which is a turnaround. Another treat for myself was this Protoform Starscream from the upcoming movie again for a reason price from ebay, I was considering leaving this one in his package but I finally decided there is no fun in that. I also purchase a new glasses for me and the wife as we both desperately need them, she got a single pair with reaction lens and I got two pair, one of which was tinted for driving in the sun, which has been quiet handily lately. The final purchase worth mentioning is I splashed out and bought a wireless router, again I did will with this, as ebuyer have a promote on with Google Checkout so I got a wireless router and 50 blank DVD's for just over 30 quids including delivery.

That's your lot for now, I may add pictures to this post later and I've got another update coming soon.

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