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Posted on Jul 17, 2007 in Film, Life

I'm sitting in a sunny Lytham St Annes (it is really sunny for a change) so I though it must be time to do a blog, I would be in the now gym but I've forgotten my gym clothes. I am current sitting in my room's little garden wearing tracksuit bottoms and the pink shirt I wore to work. It takes a real man to carry off pink.

Alright, I've been up to a fair bit since we spoke (at length) last but as usual I've forgotten the good, interesting and important stuff so here is the rest;

A quick reformat of the PC has found me looking at all the digital photographs I have taken over the years. I have found two things. 1) There is a lot of them 2) They mostly involve drunken nights out. This got me thinking I've not update the gallery on this fine website for quite a while, which is a really sad state of affairs. So look forward to some new drunken images coming to gallery soon.

I’ve been struggling with completing the c64glen show episode 5, don’t hold your breath for that one. However speaking of videos, I've recently been watch the latest instalment of Anna Black's 8-Bit Sid-Chip Sandwich Show   which is excellent, . I suggest you do the same, and then leave some comments about it in the forum

Another thing I’ve seen is the Untitled J.J. Abrams Teaser which has appeared recently on the internet. I think this is excellent, it’s seems to have caught a lot of people imagination judging by the hype it is causing on the internet. The weirdest thing about it is that it is similar to a lot of the dreams I have (the ones I can remember). They usually go something like this; a normal time is being have by all and then something world changing happens in the distance and everyone is scared senseless. The last one I remember having has be getting off the bus (in Berwick Hills) and then seeing a number of planes dropping a large number of bombs to the north, however that probably wasn't a bad thing. Anyway, you can leave your thoughts about the trailer in the forum .

I've recent got a new mouse as the old one was behaving very strangely, (i.e. clicking on the window behind the one that was open). It is a nice gamer mouse, which means it is very sensitive (as in 1600dpi, not as in it cries a lot) and has six buttons. I’ve been using to play it on Counter-Strike Source with some of the other forum members, I’m really enjoying playing it as It’s a great game that you can pick up at anytime and I’ve actually been getting better at it. I’m not saying I’m great, just less worse than I was. If you want a game, just sign up here.

Finally that’s all I can remember for now so I will finish on two random questions Bill has asked me today;
Where did you get married (Church or Registry office) ?
Have you every visited a prostitute?

Can you guess the correct answers?

Leave some feedback.

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