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Birthdays, Legoland and Transformers
Posted on Aug 8, 2007 in Holidays, Lego, Transformers

Good day all, and what a good day it is. The sun is shining and most importantly I am holiday, no work for me for two weeks. Never was a holiday more deserved (by me) it has been quite a while long since the last one and work has been very stressful in the last couple of weeks.

LegoLandIt was Conor’s and my birthday at weekend, so we went off to Legoland again. We love Legoland, it is great theme park, better than Disneyland Paris. So good in fact we bought an Annual Pass so we can return some time in the next twelve months. We had a go on all the big rides – The Dragon Coaster, Pirate Falls and the Jungle Coaster. Conor got his Driving licence at the Driving School, we also learnt how to put out fires at the Fire Academy (we were the fastest), Conor got to go to his favourite areas the Waterworks and the Rat Trap, and we also watched the Johnny Thunder Show and the Spell Breaker 4D movie.

Jabba's Sail BargeConor got to choose how to spend his birthday money at the Lego shop, and unsurprisingly he decided to buy some Lego Star Wars, LEGO Star Wars 6210: Jabba’s Sail Barge to be precise. It wasn’t cheap but it’s a lovely lego set, with some great detail.

I decided it was time to update me Lego key rings , as the old ones had lost legs, hands and arms. So I bought new Sponge Bob Square Pants, Harry Potter and Batman key rings.

Probably my highlight of the weekend was the wife asking ‘Was Shergar the horse with big teeth’ when passing a sign for “Dubai Duty Free Shergar Cup at Ascot” on the way to the park.

New TransformersOf course it would be a proper birthday without new Transformers, so here are the new addition to the family. The movie Starscream is mine, the other two – Cybertron Primus and Skywarp are Conor’s.

I’ve got an some news for you regarding the car, as regular readers will know someone reversed into it while the wife was driving a couple of months back, but the insurance was playing silly buggers. Well we got a call from a Garage in Stockton a couple of weeks ago to tell us we were booked in, unsurprisingly the insurance company had forgot to tell us everything had been sorted. So the car has no got a new driver’s side door all taken care of by the third parties insurances company. I think the car is pretty much on its last legs now anyway, it’s due for its next MOT in January which I don’t think it has a hope of passing without paying for repairs that would cost more than the car is worth. So I’m preparing to have to pay for a new car in the New Year.

Another bit of good news, is Conor passed is second grading at Karate, so he is now a Yellow belt. He is doing well but he will next to practice and train hard to keep getting his belts.

Thanks for the Birthday messages!

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