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ObscureInternet Beta 2.1, Brain Training and even more Transformers.
Posted on Aug 28, 2007 in Gaming, Transformers, Websites

Hello all,

Since our return from Holidays, It’s been a quiet couple of week , I’ve been mostly working on the day job and the new beta version of (which is now at version 2.1), It also looks like I’m going to be updating BrokenInglish too, as we have a web designer creating a design for the site, which is looking good.

I’m playing Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training on the DS again (Brain age of 30 at the minute), I’m going to start playing a number of the Brain Training programs on the DS to see if it keeps me mental fit. I’ll update the blog with my progress.

Oh, it wouldn’t be a blog update with picture of some new transformers, so here goes.

Firstly we have Energon Starscream (original colours), which is one I’ve been after for a while a finally picked it up from ebay for just over a tenner (a good price).

Secondly we have Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus which the wife found on sale at Wilkinsons. Normally I’m not keen on the Titanium figures but I like this one.

See you soon.

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