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Blog 2.0?
Posted on Sep 29, 2007 in Blogging

You have probably noticed some subtle changes to the blog lately, most notable is that I’ve added RSS feeds and feed icon for the comments and forum, but again I’ve also made big changes to the backend. My administration panel has been moved from a separate page until to the blog itself, but the opinions only become visible when I log in using a user name and password.

I’ve decided it time for a change of philosophy in the development of this blog, until very recently everything on the site (aside from the the forum) was hand coded by myself.  This philosophy was fun and a great way to learn php/mysql. However I don’t have really have time to code everything myself anymore and the fashion nowadays is ‘mashing’ apps from other sites (or something such like, I’m not down with the web2.0 kids yet) using RSS Feeds

So I’ve grabbed rss2array from rssmix which is an RSS Feed parser which converts an RSS XML feed into an php multidimensional array, which I can then play with in PHP. I’m still having to use my brain, as I’ve not touched ensional arrays in quiet a while, but it saves me a programming nightmare.

The first thing I’ve done using this philosophy is to replace the old Gallery, which I abandoned ages ago as it was a pain to update. I’ve since used Flikr, photobucket and Picasa for my images, however recently I’m managed to arrange them in some sort of order. Flikr I use for my Transformers pics, Picasa is used for my main photo storage (holidays and nights out, etc) and Photobucket is used for everything else but mostly for storing blog and forum images. So now if you click the gallery button on this blog you will see a list of my photo albums on Google’s Picasa.

However this is only the first of many possible uses of this the technique. I’m thinking of adding the status feed from facebook, you know that one that’s starts “Glen is..” to this blog, but I could go on to pull my information from many different websites, for example I could pull details from for my favourite music, 43things for my latest goals, for my latest books read and WAYN for my travel information.

So keep an eye on this blog, I may actually keep updating it with this stuff.

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