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Holidays, Credit Cards and Halloween
Posted on Oct 31, 2007 in Life

Now then, It has been a while since the last updated, however the family and I have been away on holidays. A week in Ireland away from Work, Computer, Internet, Social Network and everything, it was bliss.

The lack of a computer meant that I have taken most of my blog notes in a note book, so excuse me if I have missed anything out, but I am not a great at hand writing or note taking.

The holiday was mostly visiting family and shopping. Visiting family means visiting my many aunt, uncles, cousins and their children which makes be realise how old I am getting.

While shopping we visited Cookstown, Omagh and and they only thing I bought was a T-short for three pounds. But I can say is Dungannon gets points for having no stupid sectarian flags. Also I can buy packs of Victory V in the local shops in Ireland, which is great because I really am a pig for them.

I had a strange dream while I was away, it involved fist fights breaking out between the participants of meeting I was running, however this probably can be explained due to the fact I watch Flight Club for the first time the night before.

You can view the pictures of the trip in my picasa gallery

The main news since I have got back is I have finally managed to clear the credit card debt. Yes, I am credit card debt free, just the car loan to worry about for the next five years.

Finally this week also saw a Halloween Party at the Karate Club, You can also view the pictures of that in my picasa gallery.

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