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Christmas is coming.
Posted on Nov 23, 2007 in Life

You might be thinking that I've been forgotten to update this blog recently, but in reality not much has been going on. We are current preparing for Christmas, we have wrote a list of people we need to buy presents for and we are thinking of what those presents should be. One present we do know we want, but we are having great problem getting it, along without 100,000 other people in the UK, is a Nintendo Wii. I refuse to buy one from the scum on eBay, and I've been desperately trying to order one from the Internet. I've had a few close calls with German based shops, but no luck so far. One present that has already been bought is my present for myself, it has been purchased, has arrived and has been put away until Christmas time. I bet you can guess what it is.

I had a surprise last week when a couple of young lads knocked on the door, when I ask them what they wanted, they told me they had come to cut down the tree in the front garden, and soon enough the tree was gone, just a little stump remains where it once proudly stood. Conor wasn't at all happy with this, but Suzanne was over the moon. I think I'll miss it, but it had grown to big for the Garden and the tree's roots are probably is the main reason the house is failing down.

Speaking of the wife, we manage to get out of the house for a night out last weekend. We enjoyed a nice meal with Anthony Putson and his fiancee Nicola in Joe Rigatoni's. I'm also heading out to the pub this Saturday night, partly thanks to facebook, to enjoy some drink with some old friends I haven't seen for ages.

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