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Christmas comes even closer.
Posted on Dec 12, 2007 in Life

Now then turkeys, as you may have guessed I've had a little bit of blogger blocks as far as this blog is concerned, but I'm sure you'll have got use to that by now.

Anyways loads has been going on we since we spoke last, most importantly we've almost done all the Christmas shopping. We've even manged to get hold of those Nintendo rare items, the Wii and DS. Infact I got hold of two Wii's as I pruchased one from HMV in Middlesbrough, and then one a I'd order from a online store in Germany turned up the next day. So I've got a Wii to get rid off. The DS was actually more difficult to get hold of, the wife managed to buy the last one from Game this afternoon after they got a few delevired.

When I say we've done most of the Christmas shopping, of course that doesn't include the thing I'm buying for the wife, as I have to sort that out myself. Anyway I've a good idea what she wants, as she has told me. She wants some Craft gear, she is current into all this creative stuff, making Christmas cards and the like.

Workwise everything is still up in the air at the minute but it does look like it will be sorted out in the next week which is great news, since I've been waiting 18 months for them to sort this out.

The other stuff I've got going on it's very interesting, so I'll leave it for now!

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