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Posted on Dec 19, 2007 in Life

Well Christmas is now less than a week away, but I have still got a few more thing to buy. Hopefully I will be popping into town tomorrow to get those last few things.

The situation at work is pretty much sorted, I am just waiting to hear the final confirmation. One thing that has definitely happened is the split up of my old team. We have all gone in different ways, but of course we didn't let this monumental occurrence pass without a celebration. Pictures of this celebration can be seen in the gallery.

Speaking of celebrations, it was the Conor's Karate club Christmas party at the weekend, and great fun was had by all, especial by niece Abi who won students Choice student of the year, again pictures of this night can also be found in the gallery.

However the major highlight of the last two weeks was watching the Conor's school play yesterday. I was very proud to see Conor on stage and he wasn't bad at all, no problem with this lines or anything. Perhaps a future in acting beckons? The only slight disappointment was that the physical comedy was missing from yesterday performs as there was a prop malfunction (they had the wrong size bucket on stage), however there is another performance tonight which I am going to see some maybe it will happen then.

The spare Wii I got from German is on sale on ebay, get it while you can because it's only listed for 24 hours

As you know I'm always trying to get people to join the ObscureInternet forum, and this years Secret Santa is great example why you should. Check the blog on Christmas day for more details.

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