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The late Christmas 2007 update
Posted on Jan 3, 2008 in Life

The Family Christmas was good, my mother and sister where both visiting which was nice (for Conor obviously), Adrienne even caught the second performance of Conor's play which was a surprise for Conor as he hadn't told him she was coming, it almost put him off his first song.

the second performance of the play with better than the first, even thought the bucket gaga was still missing Conor sold the 'getting hit by the mop' much better and got a big laugh. Another surprise for Conor after the play was his Grannie (my mother) was waiting for him when he got back.

Continuing the theme of surprises. Conor almost exploded when he opened his Wii on Christmas day, mainly because we had told him he wasn't getting one because we couldn't get hold of one and because we waited until after dinner until we 'found' an extra present Santa must have left in the car.

I didn't really have any ideas want I wanted for presents this year so I got the usual Socks, Scarf, Dressing Gown and Knickers. Which suits me fine because I got a few bob to spend on some news books and a bought myself a masterpiece Starscream.

Also the other Highlight of Christmas was heading up to the Black Bull in Peterlee for night out with some old friendly faces.

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